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Behind the Lens with Herewith Magazine’s Serena Lutton

A day out in Byron Bay is always a dream, whether it’s sunny or stormy, there’s always something special about how close you can get to nature and the beauty of the coastline.

So think then, how excited we were to reconnect with the Herewith team in Byron on the only sunny day in a week. During a little down time between shots, we caught up with French photographer and Herewith art director, Serena Lutton, to uncover what stories are hiding behind that lens of hers.

Behind the Lens with Herewith Magazine’s Serena Lutton

How did you get started in photography?

I got into photography when I was around 14. My first camera was this cheap digital camera that took really pixelated images. I started to do fashion photo shoots with my friends in my garage with my grandpa’s work lights (yep...) and action sports images with my twin brother. Mostly because I was too afraid to do BMX backflips with him, so taking pictures was my only way to share time with him. Then at school I learned how to use analogue cameras and how to process my own film. It was really fun!

Behind the Lens with Herewith Magazine’s Serena Lutton

Behind the Lens with Herewith Magazine’s Serena Lutton

Where are you from originally?

I grew up in the South West of France, between the countryside and the ocean in Biarritz.

Where are you currently based?

I'm currently based in Newport Beach. It's funny, because it feels like the American version of where I'm originally from in France.

Behind the Lens with Herewith Magazine’s Serena Lutton

What drew you to surf photography?

I have always been surrounded by surf culture growing up in Biarritz, and my twin brother really introduced me into skate and bmx too. I was so inspired by all of it, plus the iconic shots and graphics that skate and surf brands were using.

When I was in design school we had to do an internship and I spent my time in Biarritz, at Beach Brother magazine, a rad French surf magazine at the time. This is where everything really started. I was more into fashion and lifestyle photography but being in the water was something I wanted to do more of. It's a totally different way to shoot, which I love.

Behind the Lens with Herewith Magazine’s Serena Lutton

Behind the Lens with Herewith Magazine’s Serena Lutton

What was the highlight of shooting in Byron Bay?

Shooting in Byron was amazing! The light is so different to what you get in France or California. I shot Mainei at sunrise and the goal was to shoot her in a more artistic and poetic way, to highlight her personal story. Byron Bay was the perfect location for that.

Where to next?

I have an American road trip coming up soon and I’m excited to capture plenty of moments from the road, maybe even some Mexican vibes along the way. I’m really looking forward to a few days/weeks in Europe to recharge the batteries ;)

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