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Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver

The final rounds of the #FijiPro wrapped up today, with ROXY team rider Bianca Buitendag posting impressive heat scores in the quarter and semifinals to reach her second consecutive podium finish on the WSL Women’s World Tour.

With stop #5 on the tour schedule done and dusted for another year in the heart of the South Pacific, we caught up with Bianca to take us through the her all important board selection for the intimidating Fijian swell.

Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver

How many boards did you pack for Fiji?

I have packed 5 boards for Fiji, sending most of my normal/small wave boards home after Brazil. Learning a lot from last year, the waves in Fiji are exposed to almost all swell and wind directions, so your quiver should be set up to accommodate that. Add a bit of power, and it's very likely for some boards to break!

Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver
Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver

What variety of sizes have you included?

I have gone from 6'1 (regarded as a regular size) up to 6'5. The bigger the wave, the bigger the board in order to maintain control through a lot of water movement and power. The tail shape also gradually becomes more round, since you tend to do more "rounded" turns instead of snaps on a bigger wave surface. The volume and weight of each board will consequently also increase, since you don't have to generate your own speed at that size, but rather drive or channel it the speed that the wave offers.

Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver
Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver

action imagery courtesy of the WSL

What things do you take into consideration when selecting boards for bigger waves?

You tend to consider the shape of the wave. For example, although it could be the same size, a board at Margaret River (which is a deep, slow, open water wave) would look different to a board that one would use out at Cloudbreak (which is fast, steep and shallow)

What board is your favourite for this event?

I have a 'step up' which is about 2 inches taller that what I usually ride, and it's bright pink! I have surfed it in two events now as it seems to handle a wide variety of conditions and have also grown attached to it personally. Her name is "Lola".

Do you usually stick with the same board throughout an event?

I try my best to stick to the same board, but if conditions change drastically, my board choice should too!

Do you approach Cloudbreak and Restaurants differently with board selection?

Yes. Cloudbreak has much more power, and Restaurants more precision. I rarely use a bigger board at Restaurants, as the wave has one of the most perfect shapes I have ever surfed. This island is paradise.

Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver
Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver
Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver

For more of Bianca’s colourful journey, follow her on instagram, twitter, facebook or over on her new website www.biancabuitendag.com

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